Linux on Compaq Contura Aero 4/25

My dad found this puppy on the street. Someone decided to get rid of it, and put it out for grabs. Since it’s a nice compact looking machine we decided to give it a spin.

Originally the computer ran DOS, and judging from the software I found on it, it was used by someone visually challenged, for reading out text through the speaker.

Looking at the configuration I found that even though originally it is supposed to contain 4 to 8 Megs of RAM, and 84 to 250Mb HDD. It’s expanded to the last limits possible for the computer. I have 20Mb RAM with a blasting 1,3Gb HDD! Unfortunately the board only has a 486 SLC, running on a staggering 25Mhz, a 4 bit grayscale VGA adapter and a grayscale LCD with 640×480 resolution.

I HAD TO put Linux on this, no matter how slow it is to start with!

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