Old dogs and new technologies

This is the tenth article in the attempt to form a blogging habit

They say you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. It has been proven wrong many times, but the idea is, that once you have your own ways, it’s hard to deviate from them.

Last summer I had plenty of time for experimentation. I’ve also had an old development idea I wanted to take on the road for some time. As I was very much stuck in the world of the Java enterprise, I decided to give the “new age” methodologies/technologies a go. I’ll summarize the stages I’ve taken to learn, create and refactor the architecture to it’s current, still non-final stage.


Experimenting with various ideas is always worth it, even if you end up where you started with.

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Archetypes of IT recruiters

This is the eight post in my attempt to start a blogging habit.

B7DsaihCYAAlN2PRecruiters and headhunters have always had to find inventive ways to poach talent. As demand for experts in the IT sector increases, it is getting more and more difficult to get the open positions filled.

Since the demand for engineers is increases, it also increases the demand for recruiters to try to fill these positions. Recruitment is a profession unlike another, it takes years of experience, deep knowledge of the human psychology, and requires the understanding of the field as well.  Unfortunately it’s not only the best qualified professionals, who fill up the recruiter positions…

I’ll try to collect a few of the archetypes, I’ve recognized in the past years, and classified, since I’ve started looking for opportunities.

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Template to get you started with Freeplane GTD

This is the seventh post in my attempt to start a blogging habit.

Starting up your GTD system in Freeplane is quite easy, all you need is an inbox, a place to put your projects to,  a place to put the items for review, and optionally a place to place your archive tasks.

It only takes a few minutes to create such a map, but I found it’s always  easier to use a ready made template, than to start from  a blank map.

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Google chrome finally supports multi-lingual spell checking

I really hated having to switch languages, when I switched to writing from Hungarian and English. Many times I was writing mail, or working on an article in English, when a Hangouts message popped up where I had all my words underlined by the English spellchecker.

Finally after over a year in progress, guys at Google managed to add the feature to Chrome.

Too bad it’s quite hidden at the moment, and even though I followed it on the bug tracker it didn’t appear in my basic settings panel.

If you want to enable it, follow the instructions here, or just click here and enable the multi-lingual-spellchecker option.

(NB: Doesn’t work on Android, or IOS)

Enterprise Architects in Hungary

This is the fourth post in my attempt to start a blogging habit.

The last couple of months, I’ve been looking for a new position, after a short sabbatical leave. In these months I’ve realized, how underdeveloped the state of enterprise architecture is in Hungary.

In this article, I’ll try to summarize my thoughts about the benefits of having a consistent enterprise architecture for a company, and the reason this position is not sought for in most Hungarian companies.


Enterprise Architecture is not applicable for most companies. Only independent, prosperous, complex and on top of that mature organizations develop the need to establish such a role.

There are so few of them, it makes it virtually impossible to find a job there.

I should have studied to work in a bakery.

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