IBM ECM user group breakfast

Electronic content management (ECM) is an unavoidable part of running most enterprises, be it small or large. For mid to large enterprises IBM provides a number of tools and technologies to cover all aspects of ECM throughout the document related processes or the document’s lifecycle.

Even though the businesses differ in many ways, the users of enterprise content management tools have a very similar set of functions, that they all need to implement. IBM Hungary with my friends at Atoll Technologies, have started the IBM ECM user group, where the users of such technologies could have a conversation of the dos and do-nots about the elements of the portfolio.

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5 year retrospective – Project document management in Alfresco

pályazatThis post is the last in my current retrospective series, that sampled the projects I was working on years ago. You can see the previous posts here and here.

While the previous posts were about projects that span through years, this will be about a project that took no longer than a couple of months.

I was desperately looking for a screeenshot in my archives, to add as an illustration. I finally gave up, and tried to go with the University logo from the Internet. Imagine my surprise, to find the application is still up and running! It wasn’t used since 2013, but considering it was not maintained since the end of 2010, it was quite well done. You can see the version number on the bottom of the screen.pályázat-version

Disclaimer: The project is described best from my memories. I tried to keep the story professional, still there were emotional aspects that I tried to present in the back story. 
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