Mindweb is an experimental application to combine mind mapping with task management, similar to  the FreeplaneGTD Freeplane add-on.

The main goal of the application is to provide a HTML interface for creating/editing Freeplane mindmaps online, even when using a mobile phone.

In the future, the emphasis of development will be on collaboration and task management.

You can access the application on this link

7 thoughts on “Mindweb

    1. Hi, I restarted the server, it was off for a while now. If you are interested in either using or the development of the project, let me know!
      Best regards
      Gergely Papp

    1. Hi, a more-or-less working version was created. Due to the lack of interest I ceased the development and published the sources on github.com
      If you are interested, you could download and restart the project.

  1. Hi Gergely. You are Magyar aren’t you!? I love Magyarorszag! I was living for some time in Budapest and learning some of your beautyful and difficult languaje. Well that was just a greeting 😉 Now about your project. I see you decided to stop working on it cause of the lack of interest. It is a pitty but I am really interested on it. I have some knowledge of programming and I have tried several times to continue this kind of projects, also the DroidPlane for moviles. The fact is I love it but don´t have enough level to do it without studying too much and I need to use it more than to develope it. People like
    Benedikt Köppel and you are really interesting and important in my opinion. It is a pitty you don´t receive enough interest as feedback for your fantastic job!

    This kind of program and methodology has such a powerful potential and even more as comming from open code initiatives, that should be high valued. I really do and would like to know if you keep the interest on it and if would be possible for me to keep in contact with you for sharing points of view and having a closer perspective on your ideas for this project.

    Please feel free of writing me back if you decide to answer me back.

    Thanks in advance and I wish the best for you!

    1. Hello Claudio,

      this project is quite in the past now. I wrote it in a skip year, and discontinued when I returned to my job. It was designed to be a service offering, with DB and event streaming to support collaborative editing. Since there was no interest in it from either commercial or community, I put it to public domain and retired from it.

      Anyone is free to pick up the pieces and carry it on, however as time passes I forget what it did and how.

      The server part is pretty well done, yet it needs quite a few components to run, so it’s not very much for home use.

      Unfortunately the front-end needs to be redone from scratch due to the huge Angular changes since than. It was partially transferred to Angular 2, so only the older branches work as is.

      If you want to start working on it, take a look at the source codes on GitHub.

      I may be able to help out in my free time, or might even get some work done on it if others start joining up.


  2. Thank you very much for your nice reply. I feel amazed with your vision and designing capabilities, and I would really like to be able to continue a project like this. I have tried several times, working with Linux, Java and even Android Studio for Apps, this is an amazing wold full of possibilities and really useful and powerful but I alwais find I should put much more time than I have. I also have so many questions and laks that I never reach the moment I am ready to do anything working by myself. I would be happy to know that anyone uses your work to finish it and bring it to the next step! This powerful programs toguether with a powerful system such as GTD and powerful devices like smartphones and laptops can enhace human capabilities in such a manner that an individual or a little workteam can reach an unusual high level and wide rage and size of development in any field. That is my vision. Thanks again and accept my best wishis for you!

    By the way, I don’t think I received your reply on my mail … I found it here almost by chance. Which is the mail it should come from … I hope my gmail account don’t take it like spam!

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