Mindweb is an experimental application to combine mind mapping with task management, similar to  the FreeplaneGTD Freeplane add-on.

The main goal of the application is to provide a HTML interface for creating/editing Freeplane mindmaps online, even when using a mobile phone.

In the future, the emphasis of development will be on collaboration and task management.

You can access the application on this link

2 thoughts on “Mindweb

  1. Mozilla Firefox 57.0 Windows NT

    your last link gives 502 error, bad gateway. (Love the HTML approach. I think we need to be able to do task management when we’re not at a computer.)

    1. Unknown browser

      Hi, I restarted the server, it was off for a while now. If you are interested in either using or the development of the project, let me know!
      Best regards
      Gergely Papp

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