SAMU case study at Telekom featured on the monthly AEA event

In accordance with the long existing friendship between the Association of Enterprise Architects and the Atoll Group, Atoll was invited to present on the monthly gathering of the Hungarian chapter of the AEA. Atoll was the first ever presenter on these monthly occasions of the Association and is following the life of the chapter ever… Read More SAMU case study at Telekom featured on the monthly AEA event

Perils of transformation programs

The companies starting transformation programs are usually showing the Dunning-Kruger effect in motion, as they progress.

They start with ignorant goal setting, and as the understanding increases, fear sets in. Too bad it’s always too late to do anything about it then. By the time the company overcomes the effects of the program it’s ignorance raises high enough to start a new program.… Read More Perils of transformation programs

Archetypes of IT recruiters

Since the demand for engineers is increases, it also increases the demand for recruiters to try to fill these positions. Recruitment is a profession unlike another, it takes years of experience, deep knowledge of the human psychology, and requires the understanding of the field as well. Unfortunately it’s not only the best qualified professionals, who fill up the recruiter positions…… Read More Archetypes of IT recruiters