Mindweb is back up again

After a few weeks of downtime, I finally got myself together to put the site up again. It is still lacking in some respects due to the incompatibility of the new and previous Angular versions, but most functions are operational again.

Please feel free to experiment with it, and use the issue tracker  to report any bugs found!

Mindweb system is down

For the time being the database layer of the mindweb is down. I don’t currently have the few hours required to fix the service, so it will be down for a while!

Using Mindweb as a document outliner

There are times I have to write a longer article, document, or prepare a presentation, where I have no idea how I’m going to get my thoughts structured. This is where document outliner tools come handy.

My primary goal when creating the Mindweb application was, to create a tool for managing my GTD system. As it’s based on standard mindmap functionality, there is no reason not to use it as a document outliner.

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Mindweb initial announment

This is the eleventh article in the attempt to form a blogging habit


This is the initial announcement of the availability of the first working version of a HTML 5 based freeplane viewer/editor.

I’ve been using Freeplane quite heavily, and it always caused a headache, that there is no way of accessing my maps from my phone or tablet. The only viewer available used Java applet, which is not even available on the desktop browsers anymore.

That’s what brought this project to life, and the roadmap is even more exciting for both Freeplane fans, and GTD practitioners.
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