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This is the eleventh article in the attempt to form a blogging habit


This is the initial announcement of the availability of the first working version of a HTML 5 based freeplane viewer/editor.

I’ve been using Freeplane quite heavily, and it always caused a headache, that there is no way of accessing my maps from my phone or tablet. The only viewer available used Java applet, which is not even available on the desktop browsers anymore.

That’s what brought this project to life, and the roadmap is even more exciting for both Freeplane fans, and GTD practitioners.

After months in the workshop, the project is finally coming out of the closet. It has lots of development ahead, but the core technology has been researched and can be considered stable.

There are lots of known problems with the current implementation. Don’t bother reporting it!

Currently working features

  • Registration using several social networks (the application doesn’t access/manage any passwords internally)
  • browsing public maps, filename, tag search, multiple tag filtering for the files
  • upload and download of Freeplane files
  • file management, rename, delete, share (only public sharing works for now)
  • file view in tree mode
  • file editing (drag & drop doesn’t work)

Planned features

  • linking multiple accounts to a user (already done, the front-end is missing)
  • friend management (look up or invite friends by email)
  • share with friends
  • mindmap view
  • task management view, that’s like freeplane GTD
  • task workflow, delegation, notification
  • export to ODT, ODF, PDF, etc. using freeplane xslt based transformations

The application is free for use now, but you must keep in mind
* the server is not accessible at times, it’s running on a spare server,
* data is secured on the server, but it might be erased from time to time, during development, keep your own backups!
* I take no responsibility whatsoever about the data stored or shared through the application.

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