Mindweb is an experimental application to combine mind mapping with task management, similar to  the FreeplaneGTD Freeplane add-on. The main goal of the application is to provide a HTML interface for creating/editing Freeplane mindmaps online, even when using a mobile phone. In the future, the emphasis of development will be on collaboration and task management. You… Read More Mindweb

Freeplane GTD+

About Freeplane is a widely used mind mapping tool. GTD is a time management methodology by David Allen. Freeplane GTD is an addon, that can collect tasks specified in a mindmap, thus allowing the users of Freeplane to use the concepts of GTD in their mind mapping tool. If you like the addon, don’t forget… Read More Freeplane GTD+

Freeplane WBS

Freeplane WBS is a helper tool for creating work breakdown structures and exporting them as tables to be used in the project management tool of one’s liking.