Followup on my blog-spam experiment

spamalysisAlmost a year passed since my experimental “honeypot” post on the spam received on my blog. As I then decided, I let all spam comments through, that were not captured by the Spam Karma. I did this about 3-4 times in the passed months, as I don’t spend much time on the administration interface. Based on an emerging pattern I observed I then started to do this more frequently in the recent weeks.

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Cleaning up the mess – analysing spam blog comments

I keep this blog mostly for my personal journal, so I won’t forget what I worked on, and to keep my writing skills up. I never thought anyone would seriously be interested in what I wrote, so I’ve paid little attention to the comments I received for my posts. To keep the steady flow of spam at minimum, I’ve set up Spam Karma 2, and didn’t worry too much about it anymore.

Just now when I entered the admin area for routine upgrade, I’ve noticed that beside the 2500 spam comments I also have about 30 not marked as spam, and I became curious. Are these real comments, or have they bypassed the spam filter?
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