Old dogs and new technologies

This is the tenth article in the attempt to form a blogging habit

They say you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. It has been proven wrong many times, but the idea is, that once you have your own ways, it’s hard to deviate from them.

Last summer I had plenty of time for experimentation. I’ve also had an old development idea I wanted to take on the road for some time.¬†As I was very much stuck in the world of the Java enterprise, I decided to give the “new age” methodologies/technologies a go. I’ll summarize the stages I’ve taken to learn, create and refactor the architecture to it’s current, still non-final stage.


Experimenting with various ideas is always worth it, even if you end up where you started with.

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Creating for a bot for MafiaWars

I started playing MafiaWars on my last job, where I had time to spare. As it has happened in the past with me playing on a mud, when the game got repetitive I start writing tools to speed things up.When I was on the mud I used macro-enabled clients, like tintin++ to perform simple tasks for me. Since MafiaWars is a Web 2.0 application, one must emulate a web client, so things are a bit trickier than what one can achieve using a simple wget or shell-script based bot.
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