Accelerating Speech Recognition with Whisper and GPUs on Windows 11

Speech recognition technology has taken great leaps in recent years thanks to advances in deep learning. In this post, learn how to leverage these advances by using the Whisper speech recognition library together with a GPU for fast, accurate transcriptions. Discover how to install Whisper and its dependencies like the Nvidia CUDA toolkit. See code examples for running GPU-accelerated speech recognition on your own audio files. The parallel processing power of your graphics card can slash transcription time while maintaining accuracy. Harness the power of deep learning and GPUs for state-of-the-art speech-to-text!… Read More Accelerating Speech Recognition with Whisper and GPUs on Windows 11

Perils of transformation programs

The companies starting transformation programs are usually showing the Dunning-Kruger effect in motion, as they progress.

They start with ignorant goal setting, and as the understanding increases, fear sets in. Too bad it’s always too late to do anything about it then. By the time the company overcomes the effects of the program it’s ignorance raises high enough to start a new program.… Read More Perils of transformation programs

Old dogs and new technologies

They say you cannot teach old dogs new tricks. It has been proven wrong many times, but the idea is, that once you have your own ways, it’s hard to deviate from them.

Last summer I had plenty of time for experimentation. I’ve also had an old development idea I wanted to take on the road for some time. As I was very much stuck in the world of the Java enterprise, I decided to give the “new age” methodologies/technologies a go. I’ll summarize the stages I’ve taken to learn, create and refactor the architecture to it’s current, still non-final stage.

This article will show how the architecture of such a small project evolved from complex to even more complex stages, to reach a very simple final state.… Read More Old dogs and new technologies