Recover lost speed of an Android phone (THL T11)

After using my phone for a few years, it started to act up. First of all random reboots started, then the whole phone slowed down so much, that even the simplest applications took a minute to start.

I decided to give it a good clean factory reset. It did however become a bit more complicated than expected. To make sure I don’t run into trouble like this again, I decided to take notes during the process, and share it. Maybe someone else will have similar issues.

265_2To keep all my applications and settings is not half as easy as it sounds. I use Titanium Backup for this and purchased the Pro version way back in time, which has proven to be quite useful over the years. (NB. do not ask me to get it for you, it’s available on the Play Store for a reasonable price)

This is not a step-by-step guide, but more of a cookbook for experts, who understand and know what they are doing. Read it first, and if you have any difficulty understanding any part of it, do not even start. In any case, I don’t take any responsibility for your actions!

Getting started

First of all make backup from the entire phone using Titanium. Make sure you back up the entire phone, not only the user applications, as that will come handy later.

Download required software for your Windows computer:

Download the following on your phone’s SD card

Install the Windows drivers by booting into recovery in Windows 10 unsecure mode and add as USB Preload driver as a legacy device.

Point of no return here

Format the phone and upload official ROM version using the SP Flash tool.

Now you ended up with an unusable phone, the IMEI-s are lost, and its unrooted. Let’s start recovering from this…

Root the phone with Root genius. Don’t worry about the crap it leaves behind on the phone, we’ll remove this ROM anyway.

Restore the IMEI numbers using Mobileuncle tools’ Engineering mode. It’s quite easy to do once you find this video. NB: Don’t forget to add a space after the AT command!

Restart phone to activate your SIM card.

Now you can start recovering your two factor authentication protected Google account. If you start the authentication process, you’ll be able to receive Google two factor authentication code via SMS.

We now have a clean, factory formatted rooted phone. Still it would be best to use a more advanced base image.

Copy the carliv recovery from the SD card to the root of the phone storage using the built in file manager.

Install the recovery using mobileuncle tools.

Root into your brand new recovery and install the minimal rom from the SD card. Boot into the new image.

Now you have a clean barebone rooted install, with several fixes and modifications to make your life easier. It would be great to see your original apps and data though.

Restore google authenticator using the previously installed Titanium Backup with data. Restore your google account, this time you won’t need the SMS authentication.

Start SuperSU, go to settings and change the setting to allow namespace separation.

Install backup pro key from the marketplace.

Restore all missing user applications using TB. Do not restore system apps, as that may completely break your system!

Restore the following data only:

  • Bluetooth pairings
  • Background
  • Call log
  • Messages (SMS)
  • Wifi endpoints

Restore device ID so you can use security applications, that rely on the device ID.

I just used my own guide to factory reset a Doogee Mini F1 Turbo as well. Naturally I used the corresponding files for that, but it was a success overall

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    1. Már a korábbi verziókat is használtam. Sajnos a telefon random újraindulgat, amin semmi sem segített eddig, még a gyári állapotra visszaállítás sem. Attól tartok, hogy vagy HW hiba, vagy valami eltérő HW komponens okozza.

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