Using JAX-WS without code generation

Something gave me the weird idea to try the new features of JAX-WS on a current project. The main idea was, to get rid of the code generators that must be ran whenever some minor change is done in the web service.

So instead of designing the WSDL along with the matching schema definition for the connector classes, I decided to start of by designing the interfaces and the connector classes, then just create the implementation with the corresponding annotations on the server side, that will be deployed automatically. The WSDL is generated from the annotations and the connector classes, there is no need to write them manually.

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Setting up a project

I’ve been working for a major company as a lead developer for some time, and can’t fail to notice the trends of ignoring even the simplest and most basic “precautions” on any given project, whenever possible. Projects are always pushed for time either because it is really urgent, or more frequently, because it would cost more to have it hanging out for a bit longer. All the while I see software development trends focusing on quality, with continuous integration, iterative development, automated testing and so on, while all these great utilities are the first to be sacrificed when a project is “cost optimized”. The projects pass with flying colors and new people are hired for maintenance. These people are nowhere near the quality of a qualified developer, and screw things up until more experts are called in again to clean things up.

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