FreeplaneGTD v2.0.0 released

After a long silence I finally released a new version of the addon.

It might not show much on the outside, save the rendering of the task list window, where the previous pixelated display is gone.

More or less everything else was rewritten from scratch under the bonnet. I refactored the code base to allow for more structured programming approach. The ugly rendering of the task list has been replaced with the built-in JavaFX webkit based browser, that is not only better looking and faster, but the add-on doesn’t have to ship with a 1M bulk.

Starting this release the window several features were added to support side by side usage. The position of the task list can be saved, so if it’s closed it will open on the last screen position and use the same size. The window no longer closes when selecting a task, so it’s useful for navigation in the map. Task parsing, editing, archiving will refresh the task window straight away.

The release is available at the release page, on GitHub and on SourceForge.

If you like the addon, don’t forget to honor the work put into it by donating to the author.

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WBS for Freeplane

I’ve been contacted about my FreeplaneGTD addon, if it could be used for creating and maintaining work-breakdown-structures (WBS).

As there is a huge difference between what WBS and GTD is used for, I have to turn down the idea of integrating any kind of WBS support into the already quite bloated GTD add-on. Nevertheless I decided to see how this could be implemented in Freeplane.
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FreeplaneGTD+ v1.8.2 released

A new a bugfix release was prepared to overcome the issues from the previous 1.8.x releases.

  • The list by “Who” and list by “Waiting for” merging was fixed #50
  • The “By Who” pane had a NPE #49
  • A corner case parsing problem was fixed pending since 1.7.x releases #44

Thanks for @OttKostner for the bug reports and the test files!

The release is available at the release page, on GitHub and on SourceForge.

FreeplaneGTD+ v1.4 released

Just a few days after the previous release a new one is released, with several enhancements for day-to-day use.

In my daily work it’s customary to use this plugin to aid note taking on a meeting. Action items are noted on the map, and are followed through after the meeting. The produced task lists are then mailed to the participants. I then copy all my tasks to my GTD map, to keep track of them there.

For this to work the previous clipboard management had to be reviewed, and new features had to be developed to support it.

New features

  • Copy groups of items from the action list to clipboard #23
  • Select groups of items from the action list on the map #23
  • Open links embedded in notes/details in system browser


  • Fixed formatted clipboard items to display:
    • done items with overstrike
    • notes/details in color, with a smaller font
    • priorities in red
  • Fixed unformatted clipboard items to display properly
  • Fixed note and detail views on the action list
  • Added message upon successful clipboard copy


The add-on is available on the release page and on github

FreeplaneGTD+ v1.2 released

New version of FreeplaneGTD+ is released with some new features.

Action list sorting improved

List items are now sorted in all action lists.  The first sort criteria is the priority, the second is the due date. The timeline is now arranged, so that the overdue items appear before the tasks marked with today icon, followed by the items due the current current week, then the tasks with no date, then the remaining tasks.

Action list editor

The editor pane had layout problems that are fixed for now. Done checkbox is now visible.

This will be a short lived release, as the next version is already on it’s way with multiple context and delegate support, as well as support to display notes along with the tasks.


Freeplane GTD+ – 1.0 Beta in progress

I’ve repackaged the Freeplane GTD+ add-on, adding a couple of interesting new features.

The code was heavily refactored, with more to come.

  • Added global preference to filter completed tasks
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Allow to re-parse items by placing an * in the front
    • Don’t allow multiple instances of decoration icons to come from shorthand
    • The shorthand parsing can be redone on a node, by adding a * in the begining of the line.
    • This is useful to add/update attributes when needed.
    • The parsing should NOT erase the already existing attributes, but update them instead.
  • Re-parse for changed task attributes for nodes with the Next action marker
    • The same as above, except considering all items that have the action marker
  • Added new support for converting ? to corresponding ? marker
    • I like to use this marker to disambiguate questionable items from final markers. This feature can be used to precede the * in the shorthand
  • Add preference to select default view
    • Find it in global preferences
  • Add preference to show/hide done items per default
  • Multi-level projects
    • Allow collecting the project hierarchy for the actions, and display them accordingly.
    • eg. The done tasks in this file should be displayed for project “Previous releases/v0.9” instead of ‘v0.9’
  • Close window when selecting an item from the list

For the curious the package is available under the github sources and can be downloaded from here.