FreeplaneGTD+ v1.4 released

Just a few days after the previous release a new one is released, with several enhancements for day-to-day use.

In my daily work it’s customary to use this plugin to aid note taking on a meeting. Action items are noted on the map, and are followed through after the meeting. The produced task lists are then mailed to the participants. I then copy all my tasks to my GTD map, to keep track of them there.

For this to work the previous clipboard management had to be reviewed, and new features had to be developed to support it.

New features

  • Copy groups of items from the action list to clipboard #23
  • Select groups of items from the action list on the map #23
  • Open links embedded in notes/details in system browser


  • Fixed formatted clipboard items to display:
    • done items with overstrike
    • notes/details in color, with a smaller font
    • priorities in red
  • Fixed unformatted clipboard items to display properly
  • Fixed note and detail views on the action list
  • Added message upon successful clipboard copy


The add-on is available on the release page and on github

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