FreeplaneGTD+ v1.3 released

This release introduces the capability you were all waiting for, multiple context and delegate handling!

As a major overhaul was required, the original sources were almost completely scrapped and rewritten.

Multiple context and delegate handling

You can either specify more than one @context or [delegate] shorthand items, or add them as @context1,context2 [delegate1,delegate2] in shorthand. In the actio editor you can use ‘,’ to separate the multiple items.

The items on the thematic action lists are grouped according to the individual values.  So multi-context items on the context list will appear in each corresponding context group.

Other modifications

Some age-old bugs were fixed, so from now the items can contain < and > characters, that killed the functionality before.

The action list can now display notes, you can use the check-box on the bottom, to see it.

Export to clipboard was reworked again, so the map internal links are no longer copied to the clipboard.


The release is available on the FreeplaneGTD release page

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