Freeplane GTD+ version 1.5.2 released

The new version 1.5.0 has been released, with a quick succession of bug fixes and add-ons in 1.5.1 and 1.5.2.


As usual the downloads are available from the release page or from the github releases.



#36 : The formulas are evaluated before display. If you use a formula in an action item, the add-on will display the evaluated text. NB. Formulas are only evaluated in nodes, and not in details, notes, or the attributes used by Freeplane (When, Who, Where, Priority)
#34 : The strikethrough was a really ugly hack in earlier versions, and remained from the original HTML component. Since the HTML is now styled, it was replaced with a much better looking check/uncheck mark.
#27: The default icons were not switchable. Now all default icons can be reused at will (provided, you specify an other icon instead) The exception is the priority icons, as I see no reason to use them for anything else, but priority display.
#35 : That was quite ugly. Originally it was pasted as a standard content string, and this made the list display lengthy HTML codes. Changing it to be HTML didn’t help much, as Freeplane stores every richtext field as an HTML document. Adding HTML inside an HTML caused some useless padding on the pages. Now only the body of the document is shown, which looks way better.
#32 : Originally the plugin was intended to be used with Freeplane 1.2, but the API has changed so much since, that the plugin is not backward compatible anymore. From now on it’s marked on the manifest, and incompatibility will be displayed when one tries to install it on old versions.


NEW: German translation added
NEW: Added an option to control the behavior, when an item is selected in the task list

FIX: The priorities are now displayed properly. The changes in done item display were revised.

The code has been cleaned up a bit, to get rid of warnings. It’s still quite unstructured and hacked.

v 1.5.2

Some regressions appeared on the actionEditor after the refactor. This release fixes those problems.

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