Freeplane GTD+ – 1.0 Beta in progress

I’ve repackaged the Freeplane GTD+ add-on, adding a couple of interesting new features.

The code was heavily refactored, with more to come.

  • Added global preference to filter completed tasks
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Allow to re-parse items by placing an * in the front
    • Don’t allow multiple instances of decoration icons to come from shorthand
    • The shorthand parsing can be redone on a node, by adding a * in the begining of the line.
    • This is useful to add/update attributes when needed.
    • The parsing should NOT erase the already existing attributes, but update them instead.
  • Re-parse for changed task attributes for nodes with the Next action marker
    • The same as above, except considering all items that have the action marker
  • Added new support for converting ? to corresponding ? marker
    • I like to use this marker to disambiguate questionable items from final markers. This feature can be used to precede the * in the shorthand
  • Add preference to select default view
    • Find it in global preferences
  • Add preference to show/hide done items per default
  • Multi-level projects
    • Allow collecting the project hierarchy for the actions, and display them accordingly.
    • eg. The done tasks in this file should be displayed for project “Previous releases/v0.9” instead of ‘v0.9’
  • Close window when selecting an item from the list

For the curious the package is available under the github sources and can be downloaded from here.

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