FreeplaneGTD+ v1.0-beta2 available

I’m close to release the final 1.0 version of the add-on. This beta contains several improvements over the previous 0.9 release.

Map view

  • Action to parse shorthands
    • Shorthands can be converted into actions using a menu item. The default hotkey assigned to this is Alt-h
    • Safeguards are built in so the decoration items are not multiplied
    • If a node already contains action markers, it’s body will be parsed. The attributes will be added from the shorthand notation. Existing attributes will be overwritten.
  • Shorthand parser option to convert ? to corresponding marker
    • As a convenience function shorthands starting with ? will always be converted to ? icon
  • Marker to scope
    Icons can be defined to be used as scope markers. These icons will always be converted to the scope defined in the configuration.

    • Use “Icon: @ScopeName” in any node body, along with an icon on this node, to define a marker for the given scope.
    • Any nodes containing this icon will have the corresponding scope attribute set, when either the shorthands are parsed, or the action list is shown.
    • Any tasks in this scope will receive this icon.
  • Editor form for  modifying actions

Action view

  • Multi-level projects
    • The projects are presented and grouped by all their top projects shown on the path.
  • New preference settings
    • In the addon preferences you can set which pane is to be shown by default on the action list.
    • You can set weather to show the completed items per default
  • Behavior changes
    • The action list will be closed when an action item is selected and the item will be focused on the map.
    • The tabs will be scrolled to the top by default
  • Clipboard update
    • The copy to clipboard function is reworked to support both TXT/HTML exports

Under the hood

  • Rework ui to use groovy’s SwingBuilder
    • The entire user interface was reworked to use Groovy like constructs

The preview can be downloaded from the release site or using this direct link.

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