FreeplaneGTD+ v1.0 final released

I’ve released a new version of the addon, with several major improvements over the previous v0.9 version.

The addon now features the following major functions:

  • Create tasks using shortcuts
  • Displaying the tasks
  • Editing the tasks

A new separate function was added for shorthand parsing (Alt-h) This will parse the shorthand nodes without opening the action list. The function can be used to add new attributes to already existing nodes using the shorthand as well.

The action window is completely rewritten to use more effective Groovy specific API-s. The lists are initially positioned on the first item. The clipboard code is fully rewritten, now it supports structured data output as well as comprehensible plain text output.

An exciting new feature is, that you can now specify context icons, that will automatically convert from icon to context attribute and back.

There is a new action editor window. This can be used for those who like GUI forms over text based shorthands. It’s accessible using F4 on any action node.

The release is available on the release site

The new release can be downloaded here

4 thoughts on “FreeplaneGTD+ v1.0 final released

    1. Thank you for the comment, unfortunately I’m not entirely sure I understand the request.

      The attribute editing is a built-in feature of Freeplane. You can safely add any number of attributes on your own. The add-on will not interfere with any additional properties you define, as long as they are not named “Where”, “Who”, “When”. You can use these properties for any kind of filtering using the existing features.

      If you want a feature, that translates any icon marker to a given attribute, that’s quite beyond the original target for this add-on. Nevertheless I already have quite a few issues listed already. In the meantime, I’d like to focus on the GTD related enhancements, such as multiple attribute handling.

      If it’s about adding another view for next action list, then the short answer is no. Adding a single new view doesn’t fit into the GTD concepts (or as a practitioner I don’t see what I could put there)* Adding multiple user configurable views would not only deviate from the original scope, but would require an entirely different architecture.

      *Priority handling through icons is already on my issue list, I just forgot about it. 🙂

  1. Thanks for your reply. Sounds like the multiple attribute handling would come close to what I was inquiring about. What I was thinking about was a view by priority, which is mentioned as part of the GTD script by adding a #1, #2 or #3.

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