FreeplaneGTD+ v1.7.0 released

A new version of FreeplaneGTD is released, with a structured archiving support and a more detailed template.

After a while GTD task lists can be cumbersome to maintain. The completed tasks clutter the map, and moving them for review without their respective projects looses the project context.

Cluttered task list
Cluttered tasks

The new feature of the plugin targets this problem. The new actions move all the completed tasks in the selected branch to the review and archive folders respectively, while maintaining the original project structure.

The action “Move completed to review” will move the completed tasks to the “Review” folder in the root of the mindmap, while the “Move completed to archive” will move them to the “Archive” folder. The folder names are locale specific, and only the English and Hungarian translations are available at the moment. The actions also have associated default hotkeys, F5 for review and F6 for archive.

The actions only create the relevant project folders, and ignore the intermediary non-project nodes. As you can see on the image in the example the plain text node between “Project 1” and “Project 1.2” is not copied.

The empty projects are also removed automatically. If the same project structure is also found under different nodes, they will be merged. For example if you have a Meetings and Projects related nodes on the root of the same map, with similar project structure underneath, the relevant tasks will be merged in the archive. This is works similar to grouping found on the action lists.

After moving the tasks to review.
After moving the tasks to review.

The GTD template was also updated to include more information for beginners. The text is collapsed originally and only shows once you hover over the icons.

new template
Help text expanded on the template

The release is available on the release page on GitHub and is also on SourceForge.

3 thoughts on “FreeplaneGTD+ v1.7.0 released

  1. Greeting Gergely!

    First off, just want to commend you on an outstanding add-on for Freeplane. This, and GTD Synd with todo.xt (, have truly made Freeplane the transformative, synchronized, mobile-friendly, open source super system that I KNEW was possible, just couldn’t find/build. (whew!)

    Flattery aside, 1.7.0 has introduced a problem: hardcoded keyboard shortcuts. Both of you now want to make use of F4-F6 to accomplish worthy objectives and I don’t see an interface to overcome the conflicts. As a result, I haven’t yet upgraded.

    Does Freeplane provide a way to reprogram those “Shortcut” keys for its add-ons (can’t find it), do the add-ons themselves (not in the config options I’ve seen), or am I submitting a feature request on your blog? *gasp*

    Thanks for all you do…

    1. Hi, the Freeplane keyboard shortcuts can be redefined by selecting any menu item and ctrl+clicking on it. Freeplane will offer you to assign a new shortcut.
      The add-on will NOT override your previously set shortcuts, and will ask for confirmation of that. You can install the add-on and assign the hotkeys manually later.

      Have fun with the application!

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