FreeplaneGTD+ v1.7.1 released

Thanks to some of my enthusiast contributing users, I am releasing a new version with new translations.

  • Dutch translation is added thanks to Doemaas
  • Spanish translation is updated to our long term contributor Miguel Molina
  • German and French translations were updated using Google translate

You can find the new version on the release page as usual.

2 thoughts on “FreeplaneGTD+ v1.7.1 released

  1. Hello,

    Are the checkboxes in the Next Action list not supposed to be clickable to mark or unmark them as done?
    Are you supposed to use icons in your mindmap only and the Next Action list is only supposed to give you an overview, but not be interactive otherwise?

    I tried Freeplane GTD+ 1.7.1 with Freeplane versions 1.3.15 (stable) and 1.5.7 (beta), but can’t interact with the checkboxes, despite vaguely remembering that this was possible once. Maybe I remember wrong.

    You might consider adding this possibility, though.

    1. Yes, the checkboxes are display only. They used to be less “interactive” looking, but I had to use the built in icon instead.

      It’s just too much effort to make them clickable with the current code base.

      I’m considering a full rewrite of the next action list, so it can start faster. I’ll try to add this feature too.

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