FreeplaneGTD+ v1.8.0 released

This is a major rewrite of the interface. Bugs are likely to occur, please report them using GitHub.

New features:

  • Task editor support added for labeling tasks as waiting for somebody, and waiting until a specific time for next action
  • Task list modified to use radio buttons instead of tabbed interface. This is done to save lots of memory, as well as trying to make the add-on IOS compliant
  • New hotkeys added to switch between task editor content
  • The task list shows the waiting for and wait until properties as well
  • The delegate view is modified to show both who the task is waiting for as it’s responsible
  • The timeline view is modified to show the waiting for items on the correct date
  • You can now mark items done straight from the tasklist

The about dialog is not currently finished, I’m seriously considering to skip that one altogether.

The release is available at the release page, on GitHub and on SourceForge.

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