I am quite behind with the blog posts, planned for these days.

This article will serve as a placeholder to keep the ideas that could not get into a proper article.

I’ve been quite busy, working on the Mindweb project. There’s been some late nights, I’ve spent programing. The effort shows pretty much. I’ve refactored the Typescript code (again), and now it’s getting to be a lot more typesafe. Numerous bugs were discovered just by adding type enforcement to the code. Interesting to see how quickly the parsing speed degrades in Webstorm, just by adding a few more constructs to the code. Now the IDE reacts slower than it would for a fully fledged Java project.

I’ve finally made the move from lighttpd to nginx my home server. The proxy services worked out of the box, but I had some difficulty getting my php based webmail back on track. The most annoying part was getting the simplest thing, my awstats Web statistics online. It took hours of experimentation and would deserve a post on it’s own. I wasted about 3 hours just on that. But the takeaway, mindweb now runs SPDY protocol, which will soon be HTTP2. It’s way faster, and smaller overhead on the network. I’ve taken the time to properly secure the protocol, my https connection setup received A+ rating

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