Translating Freeplane GTD+ to your language

Freeplane add-ons can have a properly designed internationalization mechanisms, that change the text according to your language settings. Unfortunately this will also show the [translate me] for all unsupported languages.

It’s only a few minutes to do your translation if you want to get rid of that annoying message!

You can set the locale in freeplane to English (in preferences) or you can translate the plugin yourself. It won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time! And I’d be more than happy to include the translation in the next version!

To create a new translation, simply

  • open the latest add-on in freeplane (when it asks for install say no)
  • find the “translations” node
  • duplicate the English version
  • rename the new node to the desired two letter locale shorthand
  • edit the properties
  • save and close the add-on

To test the translation

  • Open the modified add-on and select yes to install it.
  • Check the translated values show up instead of the English text with [translate me] tags

Make sure, you send me the modified version in email, if you want it to be included in future releases!

3 thoughts on “Translating Freeplane GTD+ to your language

  1. Hello is there a French translation currently on the road ?
    If nobody works on it, I feel interested in contributing one.

    Thank you for this great add-on. Excellent job!

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