Building streamlined boxee for Ubuntu Natty

I’ve been using boxee for some time for my home media. As I’ve recently upgraded my box to the pre-release version of Ubuntu (Natty Narval Alpha 2 at the time of writing) I found that the package provided by boxee is both outdated and references packages outdated in the new version of Ubuntu (libxmlrpc-c3 is replaced with libxmlrpc-c3-0) leaving you with broken packages on your box.

Even though it is possible to trick the box to run, there is a huge unresolved problem with the font display. I hoped to solve it by compiling Boxee on the box itself, but even after building it the fonts still were garbled. I still need to investigate what went wrong in it. Unfortunately xbmc shows the same symptoms, so it does not seem to be a boxee-only problem.

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