Trends in my blog views


wpid-wp-1446183785511.pngInteresting how much effect the new posts have on my blog’s otherwise quite feeble statistics.
Well even though it looks nice, it’s still too low to deduct anything about it, and I consider the increase a statistical error.

If this trend continues, I might reach and maybe break my all time top of 54 page views a day. ☺ There is still some room for improvement.

Interesting fact, when another of my blogs got to the first page of, it had over 100.000 visits a day.

Google chrome finally supports multi-lingual spell checking

I really hated having to switch languages, when I switched to writing from Hungarian and English. Many times I was writing mail, or working on an article in English, when a Hangouts message popped up where I had all my words underlined by the English spellchecker.

Finally after over a year in progress, guys at Google managed to add the feature to Chrome.

Too bad it’s quite hidden at the moment, and even though I followed it on the bug tracker it didn’t appear in my basic settings panel.

If you want to enable it, follow the instructions here, or just click here and enable the multi-lingual-spellchecker option.

(NB: Doesn’t work on Android, or IOS)

Blogging challenge

It has been quite a long time, since I started blogging. It’s been going on and off for a long time, writing posts for various reasons, like about sharing experiences in  solving non-trivial issues, starting up new projects,  getting some practice in presenting my ideas in writing (AKA bullshit generator), or whenever I had way too much time to waste.

Generally a post takes me about a couple of hours, sometimes even a few days to produce, as I always try to go on, and polish it as long as I don’t get so fed up with the post, that I just publish it.

Now I decided to stand up and challenge myself for a 21 day blogging marathon.

Why 21 days? They say it takes just three weeks of doing something, to start a habit. Even though it seems to be a myth, it gives good grounds to get some writing practice.

Every day starting today, I will publish a post, about basically anything, that is business or work related. It will not be a well polished piece, and might not contain revelations, and probably will mix some facts up, but it will be written.  The posts might vary on any subject I come across, from business management to hardcore development, whatever comes to my mind at that very moment.

For that I invite anyone to join me on the journey, for a 21 day commenting marathon, to share their thoughts on the subjects I bring up. I promise to invite anyone for a beer, who keeps up with me. (as long as their comment makes at least as much sense than the original post did :))

That’ll do for the first entry, see you tomorrow!