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It has been quite a long time, since I started blogging. It’s been going on and off for a long time, writing posts for various reasons, like about sharing experiences in  solving non-trivial issues, starting up new projects,  getting some practice in presenting my ideas in writing (AKA bullshit generator), or whenever I had way too much time to waste.

Generally a post takes me about a couple of hours, sometimes even a few days to produce, as I always try to go on, and polish it as long as I don’t get so fed up with the post, that I just publish it.

Now I decided to stand up and challenge myself for a 21 day blogging marathon.

Why 21 days? They say it takes just three weeks of doing something, to start a habit. Even though it seems to be a myth, it gives good grounds to get some writing practice.

Every day starting today, I will publish a post, about basically anything, that is business or work related. It will not be a well polished piece, and might not contain revelations, and probably will mix some facts up, but it will be written.  The posts might vary on any subject I come across, from business management to hardcore development, whatever comes to my mind at that very moment.

For that I invite anyone to join me on the journey, for a 21 day commenting marathon, to share their thoughts on the subjects I bring up. I promise to invite anyone for a beer, who keeps up with me. (as long as their comment makes at least as much sense than the original post did :))

That’ll do for the first entry, see you tomorrow!

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