Freeplane GTD+ v 1.6.0 released

After digging deep inside the bowels of Freeplane OSGI resource loading and the flyingsaucer resource loading I’ve pieced together a solution to actually be able to display the built-in Freeplane items in the “browser”

Képernyőkép – 2015-10-09 19-00-39The action list is redesigned, the priorities are displayed as icons, the done and incomplete items are displayed as icons. The contexts that have icons defined to them are replaced with their corresponding icons.

Right now it’s working and is a known waste of good memory (should reuse icons) #43

The flyingsaucer HTML renderer was updated to it’s last version.

Solved issues:
#42 The checkboxes didn’t display properly under some OS-es
#41 Multi-level projects with HTML content are not rendered properly
#40 Fixed HTML entity handling, while keeping the formatted strings intact

3 thoughts on “Freeplane GTD+ v 1.6.0 released

  1. Hi,

    I have been using Freeplane to take notes and as a work diary for a long time. Doing that, I have used icons to mark “Next”, “Someday” and “Waitingon” items. I just found GTD+ and it really adds a very nice dimension to my action management – and also very easy to incorporate.

    I also use the ActiveInbox (a Gmail addon) for GTD, actually that is where most of my actions end up. Have you looked at it? I would love an integration between GTD+ and AIB in the future 😉

    But GTD+ looks very promising and I really look forward to try it out!


  2. Hi again,

    I am not really sure how I use Projects in GTD+. The parent node text seem to show up as Project in the task list. But, what does a project icon do?


    1. All tasks belong to some project (or an inbox of some kind) in GTD. This is either automatically assigned using the path from the root node of the action item in question, or nodes can be assigned as projects manually using the Project icon.

      If any parent of an action item has the project icon assigned, it will be considered the subtask of the project.

      Projects can be nested as well, any project that the project belongs to is considered a parent project.

      This is useful, if you want to store data other than the tasks in the mindmap, and want to maintain a concise project tree as well.

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