5 year retrospective – Project document management in Alfresco


As I pointed out, the timeframe was tight, the administration overhead was huge, still we had to deliver readable, maintainable components.

With all the gear already in place it took no more than a few hours to set up the continuous integration environment using the traditional Java stack.

  • Subversion – source code repository
  • Maven – modularization, dependency management, build management
  • Jenkins – automatic builds/releases
  • Nexus – Artifact repository to store build results

It took a few days to work out the way we had to package the Alfresco modules, and to get the Maven release plugin up-and running with it, but it was worth the effort. As soon as this was done, we only had to push a single button to churn out a new version, that could be sent to the Customer, who was able to test the deploy, and the application on his own.

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