Bastard Operator from Hell excuse calendar widget for WordPress

This site has always had a quote from the BOFH excuse calendar on the header.  This was accomplished by using the wp_bofh plugin by Bernd Essl,  that was written sometime ago back in 2007. This, while working well for it’s age, however is no longer compatible with the new widget based themes of WordPress.

I got bored of the old theme, and decided to finally change the looks of the site, but since I want themes to be changeable, I could not let the old fashioned theme spoil my plugin.

I’ve gathered a few manuals and rewritten the plugin as a widget using the guides found here and here, and found the 21st comment of the later article useful, explaining why the widget cannot be simply registered.

The whole thing didn’t take more than half an hour to put together. I’m not sure the initialization code is optimal, or works at all, as data was already in my DB. So if anything goes south, just leave a comment, so I can fix it.

To use the widget, you can supply the widget title on the admin interface, other than that you can add the ‘bofh’ style to your CSS, and customize it’s appearance.

.bofh {

If you are interested the plug-in is available here.

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