Compiling UVC driver for Linux with still image support

To support my web camera project and enable it to use higher resolutions I need to patch the UVC driver in the kernel with still image support found on

First the chages made in that project to the standard UVC driver were merged with the driver in 3.0.4 kernel I’m running now.

The newly compiled driver seems to work ok, however the capture utility (also found there) doesn’t seem to produce output. I got as far as identifying the way it should be parametrized, unfortunately I always recieve a memory allocation exception. Based on the logs it seems that it’s trying to allocate 0 bytes as an output buffer.

To trace that, I need to revive my long-extinct C(++) skills and maybe some gdb knowledge as well.

It’s still a mystery to me why it doesn’t work in the first place.

If I’m done with that I’ll try to include this capture method in the project and maybe replace the entire current capture with that.

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