FreeplaneGTD+ v1.9.1 released

After a little break the add-on is back with new features.

The most important change is that the add-on will remember its last window position and will try to open there. This works well for me, as I use a split-screen with the tasks on the left. If you prefer to open it in the middle of the screen, you can turn it off in the preferences.

The add-on will reuse its window from now on, and you will not clutter the desktop with windows. Once the window is open it will only refresh. NB. the parse tasks doesn’t refresh the items yet (see issue #65)

Some long forgotten translation updates were added and fixed.

The release is available at the release page, on GitHub and on SourceForge.

List of changes from github releases:

  • Add preference to save window position
  • Add auto save window location
  • Modify to only open a single window
  • Add long-standing translations from 1.8.2 (Spanish, Russian, German)
  • #51 Merging items on the timeline with tasks for today
  • #62 Linking done filter with module configuration

Thanks to Shamil, Miguel and Matthias for the translations!

3 thoughts on “FreeplaneGTD+ v1.9.1 released

  1. I ‘ve just downloaded your addon on FP 161 13, but when I run the actions list there is something missing (what?), please for a better understanding about my issue go on the FP forum where I’ve opened a thread.

      1. Found the issue, provides non-working example for using gridlayout in swing. It uses “cols” instead of the proper setter name “column”s.
        The 1.6.1 alpha version of Freeplane cowardly refuses to set the non-existing property using reflection and terminates the script. It didn’t show up in any logs before.
        Bug fixed on github, will release the new version, when I get around to it.

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