Plans for the next FreeplaneGTD version

I’ve recently received some donations from the users of the addon. It’s always great to see others find my work useful. Upping my spirits I’ve decided to take a look at further possible enhancements.

Looking at the forks of the addon I found Alex implemented some great features for the 1.9 branch, that could be interesting for others.

He has implemented support for cancelled tasks, archiving solution for weekly reviews, display of tasks closed in various timeframes. These all help in practicing proper GTD, including the periodic reviews that I’m not very efficient at.

An other useful addition is that he found the way of running modification interceptors, that are executed at every map change.

I plan to use these to automatically

  • update task changes (text, status, context icons) on the task list,
  • Update task list when a new project icon is added,
  • convert shorthands to tasks,
  • Update contexts based on icons,
  • Re-evaluate upon map configuration property changes (aliases, context icons)

These changes take time, if interested feel free to motivate me with donations!

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