The story behind a name..

I just came around the Winstone servlet container (related to the Hudson CI server). The project itself is fairly interesting, but it’s the naming choice which got me completely amazed..

Winstone is the name of a rather large Jamaican man a friend of mine met one night, while he was out clubbing in the Roppongi area of Tokyo. He (my friend) was a little liquored up at the time, and when Winstone suggested they head to “this really cool club” he knew, he didn’t think anything was wrong. It wasn’t until Winstone led him down a dark stairwell and dropped his trousers that my friend clued in and ran like hell.

It was too good a story to let die, so I named this project Winstone so that said friend will continue to be reminded of it.

Now who claims java devs should get a life? 🙂

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