FreeplaneGTD 1.9.2 released 

A new minor version of the addon is released, that resolves an interesting issue visible on Freeplane 1.6.1-alpha and later.

The next release of the Freeplane will contain an updated Groovy version, responsible for running the scripts, thus the add-ons. This version is more secure, therefore more sensitive to script errors.

Unfortunately some parts of the add-on was using code snippets straight from the groovy documentation, which contains a quite obvious error, that passed the previous groovy release without a single word of warning. Specifically the example for creating a gridlayout uses parameter names “cols” and “rows” found in the constructor API documentation, while the whole thing is built to call the setters instead that are names “columns” and rows respectively.

To all coders out there, beware of what you cut and paste. Even the most reliable sources might be wrong.

​Now that you had a great laugh, move on, there is nothing to see here!

The release is available at the release page, on GitHub and on SourceForge.

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