FreeplaneGTD rebooted 

After using my addon for a while, I’ve completely got fed up with the ugliness of the task list. 

The flying saucer library, I’ve used to display the list is great for simple HTML display. When  you consider what the original list looked like it’s a great improvement. 

Unfortunately it was quite difficult to get working within the Freeplane sandbox and required a long time to start up. Also it made the entire addon bulky for no good reason. 

I’ve decided to revisit the topic and try to use the webkit based HTML renderer, that’s distributed since Java version 7.

It took some extreme experimenting and debugging of the Freeplane internals, the Groovy runtime and even the Java runtime for a while, but I think I finally figured out how to use the component in the addon. I still have to work out some of the quirks, but you can expect to receive a new version sometime over the summer months. 

I plan to introduce a few major modifications to the addon too. First of all I plan to change the shortcut system to leave the annotations in the original node text and add it to the attributes only. It leaves the nodes more readable, so if the attributes are hidden on the map you will still be able to see the entire value. 

Another idea is to add a new notation system which is better suited for the notations used in our age. Contexts will be marked up with #, responsibles with @, priority in {} and dates within  []. Since the shortcuts remove the content at the moment and the attributes are used in the task list that won’t affect most of the maps,, but I don’t want to support both annotation types in the long run. 

If you have any ideas for improvement, please share it with me! 

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