FreeplaneGTD+ v1.2 released

New version of FreeplaneGTD+ is released with some new features.

Action list sorting improved

List items are now sorted in all action lists.  The first sort criteria is the priority, the second is the due date. The timeline is now arranged, so that the overdue items appear before the tasks marked with today icon, followed by the items due the current current week, then the tasks with no date, then the remaining tasks.

Action list editor

The editor pane had layout problems that are fixed for now. Done checkbox is now visible.

This will be a short lived release, as the next version is already on it’s way with multiple context and delegate support, as well as support to display notes along with the tasks.


FreeplaneGTD+ v1.1.1 released

New version of FreeplaneGTD+ is released today with some new features.

Priority handling added

Priority handling introduced. You can now use the shortcuts #0 to #9 to set the associated priority icons.

  • Added priority property setting from shortcut
  • Added priority property setting from icon
  • Added priority property update to icon
  • Added priority display in action list

Action list editor

The Java HTML renderer component is poorly written and can only render the most basic HTML. It doesn’t allow any CSS styling, which constrains the use very much.

Now the flyingsoucer component is introduced which will allow for more sophisticated content. It adds 2Mb to the otherwise miniscule addon, but there is no better way to do it.


FreeplaneGTD+ v1.0 final released

I’ve released a new version of the addon, with several major improvements over the previous v0.9 version.

The addon now features the following major functions:

  • Create tasks using shortcuts
  • Displaying the tasks
  • Editing the tasks

A new separate function was added for shorthand parsing (Alt-h) This will parse the shorthand nodes without opening the action list. The function can be used to add new attributes to already existing nodes using the shorthand as well.

The action window is completely rewritten to use more effective Groovy specific API-s. The lists are initially positioned on the first item. The clipboard code is fully rewritten, now it supports structured data output as well as comprehensible plain text output.

An exciting new feature is, that you can now specify context icons, that will automatically convert from icon to context attribute and back.

There is a new action editor window. This can be used for those who like GUI forms over text based shorthands. It’s accessible using F4 on any action node.

The release is available on the release site

The new release can be downloaded here

FreeplaneGTD+ v1.0-beta2 available

I’m close to release the final 1.0 version of the add-on. This beta contains several improvements over the previous 0.9 release.

Map view

  • Action to parse shorthands
    • Shorthands can be converted into actions using a menu item. The default hotkey assigned to this is Alt-h
    • Safeguards are built in so the decoration items are not multiplied
    • If a node already contains action markers, it’s body will be parsed. The attributes will be added from the shorthand notation. Existing attributes will be overwritten.
  • Shorthand parser option to convert ? to corresponding marker
    • As a convenience function shorthands starting with ? will always be converted to ? icon
  • Marker to scope
    Icons can be defined to be used as scope markers. These icons will always be converted to the scope defined in the configuration.

    • Use “Icon: @ScopeName” in any node body, along with an icon on this node, to define a marker for the given scope.
    • Any nodes containing this icon will have the corresponding scope attribute set, when either the shorthands are parsed, or the action list is shown.
    • Any tasks in this scope will receive this icon.
  • Editor form for  modifying actions

Action view

  • Multi-level projects
    • The projects are presented and grouped by all their top projects shown on the path.
  • New preference settings
    • In the addon preferences you can set which pane is to be shown by default on the action list.
    • You can set weather to show the completed items per default
  • Behavior changes
    • The action list will be closed when an action item is selected and the item will be focused on the map.
    • The tabs will be scrolled to the top by default
  • Clipboard update
    • The copy to clipboard function is reworked to support both TXT/HTML exports

Under the hood

  • Rework ui to use groovy’s SwingBuilder
    • The entire user interface was reworked to use Groovy like constructs

The preview can be downloaded from the release site or using this direct link.

Freeplane GTD+ – 1.0 Beta in progress

I’ve repackaged the Freeplane GTD+ add-on, adding a couple of interesting new features.

The code was heavily refactored, with more to come.

  • Added global preference to filter completed tasks
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Allow to re-parse items by placing an * in the front
    • Don’t allow multiple instances of decoration icons to come from shorthand
    • The shorthand parsing can be redone on a node, by adding a * in the begining of the line.
    • This is useful to add/update attributes when needed.
    • The parsing should NOT erase the already existing attributes, but update them instead.
  • Re-parse for changed task attributes for nodes with the Next action marker
    • The same as above, except considering all items that have the action marker
  • Added new support for converting ? to corresponding ? marker
    • I like to use this marker to disambiguate questionable items from final markers. This feature can be used to precede the * in the shorthand
  • Add preference to select default view
    • Find it in global preferences
  • Add preference to show/hide done items per default
  • Multi-level projects
    • Allow collecting the project hierarchy for the actions, and display them accordingly.
    • eg. The done tasks in this file should be displayed for project “Previous releases/v0.9” instead of ‘v0.9’
  • Close window when selecting an item from the list

For the curious the package is available under the github sources and can be downloaded from here.

Freeplane GTD addon v0.9 released

Please see the project page for usage and details.


The addon is available for download here.


This is the initial addon release after forking FreePlaneGTD.

  • Added default shortcut (Ctrl+H)
  • Added keyboard shortcut to close window with ESC
  • Added completed action handling
    • configurable icon
    • done actions displayed with overstrike on overview
    • done actions can be filtered
  • Added date parsing to unify date formats
  • Renamed “Where” tab to “Context” to be more GTD compliant